Why Choose ACWMAH?

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We have and continue to work in collaboration with and alongside various businesses and individuals in the health, medical and fitness Industries to produce an educational experience like none-other.

We are the first Registered Training Organisation (RTO) to offer Government Accredited and Nationally Recognised Courses in the field of Weight Management and Nutrition.

We have been in operation since 2013 and received Government Accreditation for our Certificate IV in Weight Management in 2015 and then again in 2018 with our Diploma of Weight Management.

Both courses have continued to receive Industry support and meet the demand and have been renewed for a second 5-year period, with the Certificate IV due for its second renewal in mid-2025.

We are the only RTO to offer courses that cover the 3 pillars to overall health and wellbeing: Nutrition, Psychology and Exercise.

Graduates are insurable to work with clients to overcome unhealthy lifestyle habits and behaviours across all 3 areas, provide meal planning options, support their behaviour change, and devise a suitable exercise program to see them succeed!

Or if you are a Personal Trainer, you can fast track this with our short course and increase your earning potential much sooner.

Weight Management is the process of supporting overall health and wellbeing through balancing nutrition, behaviours, and daily movement. Each individual clients needs will differ from Weight Loss, Weight Gain to Weight Maintenance and will naturally occur when their health needs align. For clients to succeed they will require a suitable meal plan, behaviour modifications and an exercise plan, all of which our Graduates can confidently produce in collaboration with and in support of the client.

A Nutritionist specialises and focuses on meal planning for optimal health. A Nutritionist will work closely with clients to overcome unhealthy food choices and behaviours or specific goal achievement by making suitable changes in collaboration with and in support of the individual’s needs. Our Graduates can choose to specialise in this field and will confidently produce plans to suit a variety of clients goals, from general health to elite athletes.

The RTO has passed an official Audit by the department Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) which holds RTOs to a very high standard.

Our Auditors comments were “You are very passionate about what you do and this shows as you have passed with flying colours! There are no non-compliances to report. Well done, you should give yourselves a pat on the back”.

We commend our team for all their hard work and dedication to meeting these very strict standards.

GWMF governs the Weight Management Code of Practice and developed the Scope of Practice to ensure our Graduates maintain a safe set of standards in the industry.

GWMF provide our students with a 1-year complimentary Membership, upon Graduation you can upgrade your Membership and access heavily discounted Practitioner Insurance as a Nutritionist or Weight Management Practitioner, but you can also cover other health and fitness businesses in the same combined policy at the heavily discounted rate.

GWMFs Parent Company; Global Weight Management Education (GWME), are now the owners of the Government Accredited Weight Management Courses and continue with our mission to ensure the courses remain current, relevant and produce highly confident and qualified Graduates to continue to improve and drive this industry forward.

Our Tutors hold the current Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, the relevant Certificates they are currently providing training in AND are also Degree Qualified GPs or hold a Bachelor in Vocational Education and Training and have real world experience in their area of expertise across Weight Management, Fitness, First Aid & CPR, Allied Health, Aged Care and Administration.

All students have access to their very own dedicated Tutor, via email, phone and can book in support calls as they see fit. Their Tutors will tailor the support to a students needs and offer group live support sessions on various days and times to enhance the learning experience.

All the required content and assessments are accessible from the time you first login and as our courses are self-paced you can study as many or as little as 5 hours per week to complete within the standard course duration, which really allows students to fit this into their already busy lifestyles.

Students are not required to purchase additional materials to complete the course and have access to the student portal 24/7.

We are 100% transparent with our fees, we do not adjust these to suit any promotions or marketing opportunity and we maintain the same Recommended Retail Pricing (RRP) which allows us to offer our courses at the same reasonable and competitive rate as we have always.

Students can pay their fees off on an affordable payment plan. Discounts may be offered on our RRP at times but please reach out to our team for any exclusive offers you may be eligible for on info@acwm.edu.au

Should we update our pricing we ensure our community is well prepared and notified at the earliest convenience. However, we had not increased our pricing since 2013 and the latest increase in June 2023 is still the most competitive on the market for the high quality and comprehensive educational experience you will receive.